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Welcome to my world

For starters, My Name is Joseph Timmons, I am an Artist, Musician, Writer, Photographer and by trade, a Graphic Designer. I have started this site, now at the experienced age of 56 to pursue my art in a global forum and possibly expand my Graphic Design Clientele.

I am not trying to fool myself here, I am fairly sure you are saying "what's an odds old bird like him doing this for" , well not all of the great artists and more started young... after a life of work and raising children, I am looking at becoming a known artist again.

So, lets do this...

I write for a music magazine called IndiePulse Music, and I have another site -, as well as a YouTube Channel and other exploits.. I encourage you to check them out, but this site will be my new stomping grounds for all things ... ME !

I have set up my shop page, it has some items I have created especially for this site, Enjoy!

Oh, almost Forgot, My other Facebook Page for Writing Can Be Found Here

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